Building a piece of furniture with words


1. The invisible corner that hides things.
2. The lamp that hold things and make them glow.
3. The tilted bookshelf.
4. The slotted wall shelf threaded with a piece of felt, with ends secured by brass rods.
5. The shelf with a pocket on its end.
6. Zippered mirror.
7. The soft basket lamp with draw strings.
8. A vassel structured by blends of industrial felt and hand felted felt.
9. A set of table and chairs with plungers as legs. Are they nomadic furniture?
10. Felt suit + Fat coner = Felt corner? Needle felting a room corner until it’s rounded.
11. A foor lamp with a coat hanger. When a coat is hung, the light turns on.
12. A reading lamp that bookmarks a book.